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The Birth and Growth of Tourmaster       
Born in the late 1970’s, Tourmaster’s parent company Helmet House leveraged its expertise in motorcycle helmets and accessories to launch the Tourmaster brand to motorcycle enthusiasts. This began with apparel and gloves and eventually luggage, rain suits, riding boots and eventually bike covers were added to the Tourmaster collection. 

After years in development, Tourmaster created with a men’s and women’s collection that included a ¾ jacket, a one-piece riding suit and a riding bib pant at a time when Sears ski jackets and leather were the typical riding gear. 

This first product line not only launched Tourmaster, but also made it one of the first brands to embrace the women’s motorcycling segment, which has grown significantly with Tourmaster.

Today, Tourmaster is a key player in the motorcycle aftermarket and one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of innovative, authentic riding gear to dedicated motorcyclists in many parts of the world.  

The Tourmaster collection has continued its growth to encompass leather and textile riding apparel, motorcycle luggage, versatile and convertible riding jackets, a full line of rain suits, a broader glove line and an array of cold-weather riding gear.  In just a few short years, Tourmaster has become a leader in motorcycle apparel and gear. 

Tourmaster Today– A Leader

Today Tourmaster products are used extensively by professional long-distance riders, and continually evaluated by leading motorcycle journalists on challenging rides virtually covering the planet. The feedback we receive is often incorporated into our evolving designs.

Tourmaster’s commitment to protecting riders, giving them added peace of mind and enhancing their ride with the best gear available. Understanding this, just imagine how well Tourmaster gear will enhance your next ride with innovation, style and comfort. 


Get out and make your adventure happen today! Tourmaster strives to develop products that are both cost effective and made of quality components.  We at Tourmaster feel that your next memory is only a turn away. Getting out on the open road  enhances one's quality of life and gives you a chance to experience new things.  All on a motorcycle.



Tourmaster is a leader in Motorcycle Apparel, Heated Apparel and Gloves ,
Motorcycle Luggage & Motorcycle Covers.  We strive to develop products that are both
cost effective and made of quality components. Whether you are an adventure touring rider
at heart or a seasoned commuter, Tourmaster has a solution for you!

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