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Testimonial for Transition Series 3 Jacket

A real nice value; having the right pockets, the right ventilation options, good fit, nice zipper closures, a servicable liner; though the insulated liner's nothing you'd wear when removed from the jacket. The jacket collar has a clever securing snap when worn in an open position. The back protection "pad" is a bit on the flimsy side, and I intend to insert an upgraded type in its place. The arm and shoulder armor is well positioned and stays properly aligned with the body areas they're designed to protect. The jacket doesn't "ride up" on your body when you're seated on the bike like a few other 3/4 length jackets I've owned. All-in-all I'm very pleased with the flexibility and range of weather conditions the jacket is suitable for. We've had a few odd spring days which started out in the mid-30's and finished off in the upper 80's and I was able to configure the jacket to be perfectly comfortable throughout the range... I'd easily recommend it to my riding buddies.
— Rick S.