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Testimonials for Tourmaster

I had to write to you of my recent purchase of my Transition jacket , TM overpants and Polar Tex gloves . These products have changed my riding comfort ten-fold .

I ride a 2002 Honda 919 , built as a "naked standard " this bike is equipped with a small windscreen from the factory Honda store . That is the only wind protection that I have . I live in Woodland Wa. , just 30mi north of Portland Or. and 150mi south of Seattle . My riding areas include mountain passes at 4500ft plus elevation and winding coastal roads with cold ocean winds . So , as you can tell I ride in a area that is not the most stable of weather conditions .

Your products have proved to be flawless in every sense. I have pictures of me on a recent ride in February at the top of spirit lake highway on the base of beautiful Mt. St. Helens . Again , I felt nothing but comfortable the whole ride , I almost was too warm.....almost !

Just wanted to pay respect where respect is due , you make a wonderful product and have earned a customer for life .

— Ray from Woodland, WA

Recently, I had a high speed unplanned get off which totalled my bike. Fortunately, I had your products, an Intake jacket an Air Overpant on @ the time. I sustained minimal injury, mostly burns from sliding on the interstate @ high speed. I was in the hospital overnight for observation and released the next day. The emergency room staff and ambulance crew said they had never had a motorcycle accident victim with so few injuries. I have already ordered a new set of the same products from Cycle Outfitters, in the meantime, I already had the 3/4 length Tour Master jacket and overpant for colder weather which I have put into use. I was back on a bike one week later. Thanks!

— Kelli from Indianapolis, IN

I wanted to let you know that I use the XL Tour Magnum jacket, and it fits great.  It's already got several hundred miles on it, and it feels great while riding.  Nice and warm on those cool mornings, but open up the zippers for the warm afternoons and it's not too hot at all.  I love how comfortable the precurved arms are while riding, and the reflective piping makes me feel safer riding in the dark.

Great jacket at a great price, and great customer service, too!

— Jay from Plaistow, NH

Two weeks ago yesterday, I was blown off the road by a "micro burst" of wind, South of Challis, ID on rt 93. I left the road at @ 55 MPH,skidding and flipping airborne for @ 100 yards.  My bike landed on me once. I hit a fence post upside down and backwards, rolling into a barb wire fence, ending up face down in headsized rocks and  high desert gravel.

My HJC helmet was torn and deformed, virtually destroyed. NO head injuries My litany of injuries are: Fractured left leg (small bone) Broken Neck Fractured Back Broken Sternum Broken Ribs Two broken wrists Dislocated fingers.

The testimonial is this: I survived! That same day, one lost his life and one is paralyzed from the chest down Neither was wearing armor or helmet  andI have NO road rash. I lost NO skin. I have NO abrasions I have NO marks on my body, other than "surgical" wounds. EMT personnel, Flight trauma Nurses, Doctors, Nurses, Law enforcement  personnel, etc are utterly amazed at how well I came through a very violent accident.

Although they had to cut my Transition Jacket off of me, due to the broken  wrists and dislocated hands, both the jacket and pants showed no sign of damage and could have been worn again. I will ride again and will wear nothing but TourMaster gear, ever. I am alive today due to Tourmaster and I will be in your debt forever.

— Wayne from Brooksville, FL