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Testimonials for Tourmaster

I just purchased Tour Master Solution WP boots, and i love them.  I ride year round. Excellent product!  

— Matthew from Rockville, MD

I was involved in a traffic accident. My Motorcycle vs. car...I was at fault by rear ending a vehicle that was coming to an emergency stop that I did not I struck the car I was traveling between 40 to 60 mph..My Honda 1800cc goldwing came to a very sudden stop while I sailed over the car..I came down after a mid air flip that put me on top of the car hood in the neck ,shoulder area ..I flopped on the car hood and bounced to the ground...I severly shattered a wrist and fractured my foot...numerous soft tissue damage to knees ,feet ,ankles and some very sore ribs and hip....but the most miraculous discovery on my part was when I realized that the parts of my body ,protected by my 3/4 Tour Master Transition jacket received no serious injury....I had the Kevlar inserts in the shoulders ,elbows ,spine/neck ,and can see abrasions and tears from the accident in those locations ...but I suffered no serious injuries in those areas. Thank You for designing a great product

— Joe from Nipomo, CA

Sunday morning, december 4th started like most sundays before it.  a phone call the night before to confirm where and when, and then starting at around 8:00 a.m., gear up and get the tires hot.  my home happens to be situated roughly a mile from mulholland highway and the rock store, so the best motorcycling in the world occurs right in my backyard.  i've ridden tens of thousand of miles on these roads, but never took them for granted.  Remember, safety has always been the mantra when i ride, along with a keen sense of avoiding jail. therefore, i look far ahead, slow down on the blind corners, and watch for gravel on the apeces.  my speed may build on the straights where i have plenty of visibility, but for the most part it's moderate speed and fun, rather than high speed and death.

sunday's ride was hampered by several things.  first it was very windy, which in and of itself is a hazard on a bike, but it also throws plenty of muck on the roadway, so extra care is needed.  also there was an annoying BMW 545i which wouldn't get out of the way, and was almost taunting us as we tried to pass several times.  nice.  anyway, he finally decides to pull over for us, and did so on a curve and rather abruptly.  my three friends were able to get past him without incident, but when my turn came, he seemed to stop rather quickly, and i thought he was going to pull something funny again, so i began to brake, and as i did, a tumbleweed appeared, and my tire ran over it and slid on it, kicking the front end out and down we went.

i was perfectly conscious as to what was happening and i tried to keep my eyes open as i went down.  we (the bike and i) slid together on our left sides for about 30 feet, and then the bikes momentum took it ahead of me, and i slid solo on the asphalt another ten or so feet and then began tumbling.  i watched the bike continue to slide, heading right for the black BMW, but it came to rest about 8 feet shy of it.  i was left, coherent, in the middle of the road, dazed, but not confused, and pulled myself to the shoulder.

one of my buddies heard the crash and turned around and the guy in the beemer got out and announced he was a doctor and told me to stay down.  in my stunned state i didn't stand up and crack him one in the kisser for driving like such an idiot, but i did tell him i felt okay, and he didn't have to stay. 

when i finally got up, the two of us righted the bike, and i finally realized what happened.  i took a stock check of all the valuables, like arms, hands, legs, head, torso, and everything seemed intact.  i felt a burning on my forearm, but no real pain.  then my friend eric said, "look at your's ruined!"

my tourmaster was, in fact, ripped along the arms and shoulders, and the padding was still there.  my chaps (i wasn't wearing my tourmaster pants) were also heavily scratched and abrased, and nearly worn through in a few places.  my boots were, also, nearly worn through, and my gloves and helmet had eaten it as well.  but i was perfect.  i had one little 2 inch raspberry on my forearm where the jacket rubbed all the way through.

i am pretty sore today in the ribs, knee and shoulder, but i took a pretty hairy spill, so that's to be expected, and at almost 40 years old, those kind of injuries linger a little longer than when i was 18.

but my body remained sealed.  no punctures, cuts, heavy abrasions, contusions...NOTHING!

i have one person to thank for my health today, and that's me...for choosing tourmaster apparel! 

— Paul from Agoura, CA

I live in New York City and ride a motorcycle, 365 days a year.

Your Tour Master gloves were recommended to me for warmth, by a park ranger in Michigan who rides a snowmobile in subzero conditions for 8 hours at a time. I immediately bought a pair and was extremely pleased. Finally the warmth I needed, without giving up the control I need to operate my bike in heavy NYC traffic.

Last February 9th (2005), I got run over by an ambulance that ran a red light without lights or sirens. Me, my bike, and your gloves got dragged up the Avenue, underneath the ambulance, and eventually stopped, with my right hand under the front tire of the ambulance. Eventually the FDNY airlifted the ambulance off of me and my hand and another ambulance took me to the ER.

I broke my hand in 2 place and had massive soft tissue damage, but in the end, the doctors were amazed at how little long-term damage was done considering the circumstances. I also broke some ribs, tore my left shoulder and my right knee, and got a good dose of scrapes from head to toe, but that has nothing to do with your gloves!

I'm fully healed, back riding, playing guitar, teaching karate, and building web sites.......all of which require both hands. In the end, the hard plastic knuckle on the Tour Master gloves saved my hand from getting pulverized. So I'm eternally thankful, and will forever praise your product for the warmth and for those times when a 10,000 lb. truck decides to park on your hand!

— Jonathan from New York City