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Testimonials for Tourmaster

I just love my Tourmaster Trinity jacket.  I've tried all kinds of "women's" jackets and they all are made to either fit children or supermodels that don't eat.  Only your products seem to be made to fit real American women.  Thanks Tourmaster!
— Teresa - Solvang, CA

A real nice value; having the right pockets, the right ventilation options, good fit, nice zipper closures, a servicable liner; though the insulated liner's nothing you'd wear when removed from the jacket. The jacket collar has a clever securing snap when worn in an open position. The back protection "pad" is a bit on the flimsy side, and I intend to insert an upgraded type in its place. The arm and shoulder armor is well positioned and stays properly aligned with the body areas they're designed to protect. The jacket doesn't "ride up" on your body when you're seated on the bike like a few other 3/4 length jackets I've owned. All-in-all I'm very pleased with the flexibility and range of weather conditions the jacket is suitable for. We've had a few odd spring days which started out in the mid-30's and finished off in the upper 80's and I was able to configure the jacket to be perfectly comfortable throughout the range... I'd easily recommend it to my riding buddies.
— Rick S.

This is a great jacket, it is my first REAL motorcycle jacket as I usually just wore a snowboard coat or casual leather jacket when riding. I searched everywhere for a good review that would give me an idea of what size to purchase for myself but I couldn't find anyone that was my body type or gave any specifics. So here it goes.

It has very nice armor throughout the jacket, up the sleeves and on the shoulders, removable too. And a nice padding on the back of the jacket that is also removable.
There is plenty of vents in this jacket as you can read from the production description, I haven't ridden in hot weather yet but I'm sure it wouldn't be too bad if you take out the liner, open all vents, and unzip a little. LOTS OF POCKETS TOO, you won't have any trouble stashing all your trinkets in this jacket, one reviewer said he lost stuff in his jacket for brief moments, like I said there is tons of space. Nice reflective stripes around the jacket too for night riding.

I'm 5'10", 135lbs, very slim and long arms. This jacket comes in Regular and Tall sizes on some sites. I wasn't sure so I went down to the motorcycle dealer and purchased mine. I bought a Medium regular, I'm guessing regular because it didn't say tall. The jacket fits like it was tailored, not baggy but fitted around my entire upper body perfectly, when I stretch out my arms the sleeves sit right around the wrists, so I suppose they probly could be slightly longer(tall size adds 2inch to sleeves) but I am very satisfied and I think it will work perfectly.

I would recommend this jacket to ANYONE! Buy it!
— Jon S. Pittsburgh

This jacket is top notch wirth every penny! My husband loves it!! I cant believe all the detail in this jacket. If your looking for the best of the best get this jacket im serious!
— Brandy