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Testimonials for Tourmaster

i bought one of your textile transition jackets this spring, i love it . i feel that it made a big impact on the amount of road rash i did not get due to the quality of your jackets. i was on my way to work when a deer jumped up in front of me i hit it and went down on my shoulder and arm, no road rash, but i did brake my collar bone.
— John

My year+ old Tour Master Intake jacket with many miles on it developed a problem. At the Atlanta MC show I mentioned this to Scott at their booth. He told me he'd never heard of a problem with them, and that they'd probably want to see the jacket.

I contacted the head honcho via phone tag (he was in Daytona) and was asked to send in the jacket. After doing so, I received a personal call, at home, from Mr. Eli Whitney. He told me they had never seen this before, and that I'd get a new jacket.

The next phase was interesting as he contacted me while brainstorming with his staff members as to what caused the problem. He called and asked lots of questions as they came up with ideas. He even called my wife to ask about riding behind me and if there was anything she could think of, or anything related to her holding on while riding with me that was involved.

He let me know that the jacket was heading to the lab, and they were going to the plant to check it out. All this for a single reported problem with a line that sold tens of tens of thousands. My new jacket arrived, it fits, I'm looking forward to using it. I would like to thank Mr. Whitney for his personal involvement in this and for the courteous, professional manner the situation was handled.

I have a variety of their products, highly recommend them, and would not hesitate purchase more. For a major corporation to take the time and effort to do more than was required is refreshing and appreciated.

— Tim from Tallahassee, FL

I recently returned from a trip to Alaska on my 2007 HD Sportster. I wore the Pivot 2 everyday of the trip for a month and 11,000 miles. It made an excellent jacket for such a trip, seeing temperatures range from 100's down to 40 degrees F. I had always worn leather jackets previously, but got the Pivot 2 just days before leaving. The jacket held up well. Days when it rained heavy I did use my rain jacket over top the Pivot 2 and days reaching above 90 I stowed the jacket in the bungee net on the back. The jacket did fine in light rain, but heavy rain I would get a little wet. I also cheated and in the cooler weather I used my heated jacket liner (just because I had it along). Since getting home I washed the jacket (it was light brown instead of black from all the dust). The only "wear" I've noticed is that it is slightly faded now. FYI, I posted a gear report on my blog after the trip, you can check it out here:

— Dan from Morristown, PA

Just wanted to thank you guys, my front tire slipped on some gravel on a curve going about 35/40 mph and I was skidding on the pavement for about 15 feet. My Tour Master Draft jacket did its job perfectly and other than some minor bumps and bruises I came out unscathed. EMT's thanked me for wearing gear as they seems to treat allot of motorcycle calls involving riders with no gear. Anyways my family and I thank you for making a good product that I can attest works great.
— Jaime from Kissimmee, FL