Tour Master and Cortech apparel and gear are known for their technological innovation.  With almost 30 years' experience building motorcycle apparel and gear, we've learned what works and what really works for a wide variety of riding styles. Our products are engineered and developed with this knowledge.   

Tour Master and Cortech products are founded on one principle- that a commitment to excellence in our products' design and construction will make your riding experience the best it can be.  Developed by serious motorcyclists, Tour Master and Cortech products are designed to excel throughout your ownership and are run through a rigorous research and development cycle few of our competitors can approach.  Our commitment to excellence includes:

COMPUTER-CONTROLLED RESEARCH, DESIGN & TESTING:   Tour Master and Cortech gear is developed using a wide range of computerized testing and development procedures for abrasion-resistance, cyclic wear, atmospheric breatheability and vapor permeability; so that we select the best materials for the riding environment and conditions you ride in.  Computers in our development process help us develop winning products faster and more efficiently, but we don't stop there.  We also use a wide variety of test riders to help develop and refine our products through real world use.

REAL WORLD TESTING:   In addition to computerized testing, our gear is tested during the development process by our staff and some of motorcycling's most respected professionals- including competition riders, leading motorcycle editors and factory test riders; who then tell our designers (who are riders themselves) what they think, how the gear fit and felt, what worked and what didn't.   We then incorporate that verbal and written feedback into an improved design that's tested again before we launch a product for sale

EVEN MORE TESTING:  Computers help a lot.  Feedback from pro riders also helps make our gear better.  But we don't stop there.  For example, we've also used the roof of our headquarters location in Southern California as a laboratory, with over 200 sunny days a year, to test the UV protection and color-fastness in our gear to ensure that it looks new for years.  We have access to some of the premier riding locations in the United States within a short distance of our headquarters to provide our testers with the widest variety of conditions and riding types imaginable. 

Many of our employees attend national rallies (often riding there themselves) and speak with riders like yourself about their gear.   It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.  :)  We've also developed a climactic "wind room" so that we can test our gear's weatherproofing and ventilation systems on-bike, in real time, while in rain and wind conditions that approach 90 mph.   This allows us the real time ability to test ventilation systems and the heavy weather capability of our designs at speed during the design and development process.

No other manufacturer has made a commitment to research, development and testing like this.  As we go forward, we'll be thinking of more innovative ways to test our gear, because we love riding as much as you do.

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